alyasun asked: Arianna is.. Well, I think of her like I think of Evan. She lives two separate lives, two parts of herself. The part that is so good, so loyal to her friends, so dedicated to fighting against the death eaters.. And then there's the part of her with Evan. The part that loves him and needs him in ways I don't think she knows yet. Evan is not the only one in a constant battle, no?

Exactly and I love you and just -cling.-

But the thing I find the funniest about the Evianna relationship is that… It really wasn’t supposed to be. When Dan first joined, he messaged me saying that they should have been best friends when they were younger and that they were arranged to be married before she was disowned. I even have in my bio for her (Which I should probably change slightly) that she was terrified of what he’s become. Which is still true. She’s still so afraid of what he could do. She just sees him in a different light.

Basically, Evianna wasn’t planned at all. Evan and Arianna kinda just… Took control.